Zubiri to Villava - 21 km

May 6

We had a simple breakfast at Amets Pension where we stayed the night before. This was a great place to stay and I highly recommend it to others. It was only 35 euros., clean and quiet, yet close to the Albergue that served "Peregrinos" meals for 12 euros. We were packed and on the trail by 7:30 a.m. Overall, the trail was level as it walked along the river.

We passed through the small town of Larrasoana, where we stopped and had coffee. It was a nice little place. There were pictures hanging on the wall of the owners posing with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. This is the town that everybody stayed in while filming "The Way." There are only about two good climbs along this section to Villava, and they aren't bad.

Somewhere around the town of Irotz, we came to a little outdoor restaurant that was filled with Pilgrims. The omelet was really a good choice, filled with ham and cheese (again with the pork). We met a Korean couple there and spoke to them for a while. The man made really nice Camino pins and gave us each one.

After our break and meal, it was only a couple of hours to get to town. We didn't have to hurry since we had already made reservations at a hotel. We finally arrived around 1:30 p.m., but then had a little difficulty finding the hotel. After asking a gentleman for directions, he kindly walked us across town (it’s not too big of a town) to the front door and then walked back. The people really friendlyand eager to help ,in spite of not knowing what the heck we're trying to say.

After we checked in, Hawk and I went for a walk to see the town. It's a suburb of Pamplona, which we will hike to tomorrow. We plan to spend the day there and then walk out about 5 to 10 kilometers and find a place to stay late in the day. We had dinner at 7 p.m. I was able to get a bowl of what they called “carne y papas,” what I'd call a beef stew of sorts. The strange part of the meal was when the waiter asked us if we wanted our greens pure or ground. None of understood what he was trying to ask us so we said “no.” The next thing we knew he brought us our split pea soup. It was a bowl of whole English peas in broth. All we could do was laugh, but it was good. All the meals have been good and filling, but sometimes the portions seemed to be a little small.

The day ended as it began; warm and beautiful.

Buen Camino  

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