Villava to Cizur Menor - 10 Km

May 7
Lat: 42.788333 Long: -1.676667

I got a late start this morning, because I had to go to the post office (los curries) to mail a package to myself in Santiago. We finally got on the trail around 10 a.m. and headed to Pamplona so we could tour the city. Pamplona is a nice city to tour for a few hours before heading back out.

We visited Pamplona Cathedral... it was a must see! There are 327 people buried down in the closures and it has a number of altars in the main church. I believe this may be for special groups to conduct a private Mass.

After we left the cathedral, we decided to have a picnic lunch, which is something you can do all along the trail to cut your eating costs. You can simply go to a bakery for bread, and then to the meat market down the street for sandwich fillings, and they will make a sandwich for you.

After eating we sat in the park for a while to watch people and then moved on to Cizur Menor, where we checked into the Albergue Marbel Roncal. This is a great place as it was clean and they have 50 beds in four rooms. It was only 10 euros a night. The restaurant is right across the street and has a good "Peregrinos" Menu so we ate well for only 10 euros.

Once again, we had dinner with our friends from England and Colorado. Dinner with a group of "Pereprinos" is great. Good food, good friends and good conversation…it doesn't get any better than this! After dinner it was bed time and my best night’s sleep yet.

Much more to follow! Buen Camino!

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