Los Arcos to Viana - 18. 9 km

May 11
Lat: 42.514722 Long: -2.373333

Today began early… got up at 5:30 a.m. and went downstairs to find the owner starting breakfast for all. Breakfast in the albergues is generally coffee and bread and sometimes cheese and ham, but never more. It's enough to get you started. We were out by 7 a.m. and on the trail. We walked for 5 km to the sleepy little village of Sansol where I found a “tienda” to sit and have a cup of coffee while I waited on Hawk and Little Pony.

About a kilometer after Sansol, we came into Torres del Rio, which had a nice little bar/restaurant, but we chose not to stop. They had an old church, but they wanted a euro to go in and I thought there were enough churches for free so I passed on that one. The trail continued on passing through two more villages (N.S. del Poyo, and Rio Cornava) of no considerable size. However, water was available in all the towns and several fountains along the way.

From there, I pretty much paralleled the roadway into the town of Viana and that's where we had reservations at Casa Armendariz. It's a good place. Again I had my own room and a bath, and we had a kitchen to use. Every bit of this was for only 13 euros.

We cleaned up and headed up the hill to the center of town where we ate dinner. All in all we had a good day. It did seem to get colder as the day went on. We began the day at 45 degrees and it only reached the mid-50s. It's now 8:45 and the sun is dropping below the mountains in the distance. I’ll go to bed shortly and start again tomorrow.

More to follow. Buen Camino!

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