Viana to Logrono - 10 km

May 12
Lat: 42.466111 Long: -2.444722

I slept in this morning until 6:30 a.m., had hot tea in the kitchen of the pension, and finally got on the trail by 8 a.m. It was cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 40s and I needed my gloves to keep my hands warm. We planned a shorter day today (10 Km) so that Christine “Little Pony” could give her feet another day to break in.

The walk today was mostly through the grape vineyards and wheat fields, none the less still beautiful, just the same views. It was still cool with temperatures in the lower 40s and then only warming up to the mid-50s in the afternoon.

It was a good day to get to Logrono as it is a cathdral town and is the capital of La Rioja, which is the next region of Spain that we are approaching. The cathedral is huge and we were able to walk through it in between the many masses that were held today (Sunday).

This city is large with a population of 145,000. They have many alberguea and hotels and some really great restaurants to eat in. We are in another pension. The price is 20 euros for a single and is right on the plaza across from the church. I looked at the albergue one block away and it was 19 euros for a bed in a multi-bed room. Here I have my own room and bathroom. There is municipal albergue on the outskirts of town for 9 euros, but it's a 42-bed lodging.

Tonight was a great dinner with some new friends from England and Germany. We dined and chatted for over two hours and planned our strategy for tomorrow's walk. The plan is to meet up about 20 km up the trail...we will see.

Until then... more to follow. Buen Camino!

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