Ventosa to Ciruena - 25.7 km

May 14
Lat: 42.410278 Lon: -2.895833

The music started to play in the albergue at 6 a.m., but everyone was slow to get up. I'd been awake since 5 a.m. Finally everyone got up and started to pack. It was going to be a slow day as we were going to eat before we left. The only drawback was that the restaurant didn't open until 7 a.m. The other problem was that when we got there at 7 a.m., it still wasn't open and we lost an hour of hiking time while it was cool and still didn't get to eat. We hiked out of town and headed to Najera 10 km away to eat. Najera is a historic town and was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre in the 11th and 12th Centuries. We got there at 10 a.m. and found a nice little bar. I got coffee and what I thought was a pastry with apple in a flaky roll, but when I bit into it, I discovered it was ham and a melted cheese inside. It was good, but boy was I disappointed in the taste.

Today the trail was very easy with no major ups or downs and the temperatures were good. It was cool this morning with temps in the mid-40s, but warmed up nicely to almost hot in the lower 70s in the afternoon. We decided to eat lunch in the next town of Azofra, which was 5.8 km away and we got there about noon for a sandwich. After eating, we still had 9.2 km to get to Ciruena. The final 2 km were pretty much up hill.

We had to hike through a failed timeshare golf community so most of it was brand new condos with no one living there. After walking through it, we finally found the Casa Victoria where we are staying. The price is very good; it costs 20 euros and I've got my own room with a private bath. It's a deal as I talked to Chuck and Zake and they are in the Al Segue and had to pay 13 euros for a bunk bed. The dinners in the bar/restaurant are really getting good. I had a steak, fries, and salad with a cup of coffee for only 10 euros. I'm finding that it's costing me on the average about 40 euros a day, which isn't too much.

One thing to remember, all the albergues, pensions, and hotels, don't let you control the heat in your room. Generally they turn the heat on about four hours a day and then turn it off until morning. It's all steam heat. When I got back in my room after dinner it was nice and toasty warm, but in a little bit it will start to cool down.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to turn bad. A cold front is coming in along with rain. I'm planning a fairly large day but we'll see.

I will let you know tomorrow night. More to follow. Buen Camino!

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