Atapuerca to Burgos - 20.5 km

May 18
Lat: 42.341944 Lon: -3.703889

Once again I was up and packed by 6:30 a.m. I wandered over to the restaurant for a quick breakfast. Hawk and Christine came in and had breakfast then we were off. It was a nice climb out of Atapuerca with some mud and small rocks on the path. We walked for about an hour and a half before coming in to Cardenula where there was a great place to get coffee. We had a lot of road walking today mixed with a fair amount of mud walking. It was once again unseasonally cold in the lower 30s and only warmed to the mid-40s with little sun.

The next little village is Orbaneja. There is also a restaurant there where I stopped and ate. About one km beyond this town the trail takes a split and you need to decide which way to proceed. You can cross the highway bridge and the trail straight ahead goes through Villafria by the road and then into Burgos, which is about 7.1 km. Or you can take the trail to the left and go around the airport, which had a lot of mud and was 7.9 km. Both trails bring you to the suburbs of Burgos in a town of Castanares where again you have to make a decision on which way to go. If you turn left you'll follow a river into downtown Burgos, which they say isn't marked well but that you won't get lost. The trail to the right is the marked Camino through the city. I took the marked path through the city on the streets of Burgos. One word of caution on this route: Watch closely for markers because it’s not that well marked. I got confused a couple of times and the people that I talked to didn't know exactly where the Camino was. It was at that point I just started asking how to get to the Cathedral and everybody knew that. I finally got to the albergue at noon just as they were opening.

The albergue is a nice clean place and is only 5 euros for the night. You can only stay one night and then you HAVE to move on. It does fill up fast so get there early. I didn't see Hawk and Christine until around 3 p.m. after they got into the albergue. Zack and Chuck came in about the same time as I did and later in the day Windy from Australia as well as the Canadian women showed up. Around 5 p.m., Don and Sally from Colorado arrived. I toured the Cathedral. You have to have a ticket to get in. Be sure to have your credentials with you because it gets you in for half price for 3.50 euros.

I met up with Hawk and Christine and we went to dinner. One thing to remember when ordering beef is to be sure to tell them how to cook it or it will be served nearly raw. When you send it back they will cook it your way but they won't be happy.

After dinner I went back to the albergue and talked to my South Korean friend and we exchanged e-mail addresses. It was a good day and a good place to visit.

More to follow… Buen Camino!

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