Burgos - Zero Day

May 19
Lat: 42.341944 Lon: -3.703889

I got up at 7 a.m. and packed to leave the Municipal Albergue as you can only stay one night, with the one exception if you're sick. I was out on the street by 7:30 a.m., went looking for breakfast, and then to another place to stay. Hawk and Christine went to a hotel for 50 euros a night and I went to the Divination Pastora Albergue, which has only 16 bunks but is also is only 5 euros. It is a really a nice place. It's clean and warm.

I met a man from Clarkston, Georgia; a woman from near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; and lastly a man from Franklin, North Carolina. I got checked in around 11 a.m. and then spent the rest of the day just walking around the town. It was a good day to do nothing as it was cold and rainy all day with temps in the mid-30s to low 40s.

I had one of the best meals since I got on the trail at the Viva la Pepe Restaurant in front of the Cathedral. It was a little more expense than most of the Peregrino meals but well worth it. I had a rack of BBQ baby back ribs with French fries and a bottle of good grade wine, and for desert, a NY style cheese cake with caramel on it. When I was finished I was stuffed and knew that there was no dinner for me. I took a lot of pictures all around town.

Note for all: Burgos is a great place to take a day off. By the time you get there, you really need a day of rest and the food and choices of restaurants are really good. Planning on a good night’s sleep and to be back on the trail tomorrow.

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