Castrojeriz to Fromista - 25.2 km

May 22
Lat: 42.267222 Lon: -4.403889

I got up this morning by 6 a.m. to pack. After a quick cup of coffee at 7 a.m., I left the hotel. It was a reasonably priced hotel, the Puerta del Monte, at 35 euros for a single. I've been making reservations every day for the next day as I keep hearing as well as seeing more Peregrinos on the trail. A lot of the locals say that it's at least a 30 percent increase and that all the places are filling up fast. Some think that it's due to the movie "The Way," which features Camino hikers. I don't know for sure, but it is nice to know that you so have a place to stay when you finally get there.

The climb out of town is pretty impressive with a fairly long uphill grade, but it's the downhill that will take its toll on your knees. After getting back up to the Meseta, the trail got pretty easy, but the little towns are far apart and don't have much in them so be prepared. The best place to stop and get your credentials stamped is at the Ermita de San Nicolas which is just before the river crossing going into the Provincia de Palencia. The stamp is really beautiful. I stopped in Itero de la Vega and of the only four things in town open was the albergue. They put out a nice spread for you to eat at a reasonable price of 4 euros for two eggs, bacon and three Perro callente (hot dogs that they call sausages).

After meeting an Irish couple and having breakfast with them it was time to move on another 8 km to get ready for a lunch break. When I arrived in Boadilla del Camino, I only found one bar/restaurant. After a 30 minute lunch break I headed out of town and crossed the Canal Pisuerga, a canal built in the 18th Century that has been opened up to help with the irrigation of the farm lands. You will follow this canal all the way to Fromista where you will cross it again. From there you will walk the city streets to the Municipal Albergue if you're staying in it. When you get to the center of town you will turn right on N611 the main highway.

Again I stayed in a “Casa Rural,” which cost a little bit more but gives me a room and bath. Again I had a reservation so I didn't have to fight for space. The price tonight is 35 euros and it's well worth it. I got into my room, got cleaned up, and waited for Hawk and Christine. We went out to eat and had a Peregrinos meal for 10 euros, but the food was not good. After dinner I started getting ready for bed. All in all, it's been a beautiful day with blue skies. It hasn’t been too cold and was a fun hike. More to follow..... Buen Camino.

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