Caldadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun - 22.7 km

May 25
Lat: 42.370556 Lon: -5.028056

We stayed in the albergue last night and starting at about 3 a.m., people started to get up and move around, some going to the bathroom and some even starting to pack to night hike. Hawk, Christine, and I started to get ready at about 6:15 a.m. because no sleep was to be had. We finally got out of the albergue at 6:45 a.m. and we headed down to the bar/restaurant for a quick breakfast and then up the trail.

The weather this morning was beautiful. The sky was an azure blue and at 6:30 a.m. the full moon was still high in the sky and really clear. As the day progressed the temperatures continued to climb to T- shirt weather. The breakfast today was about the worst yet. I had four little pieces of toast that was dry as dust. We were off and heading to the next town of Ledigos about 5.5 km away where we all had something to eat before continuing on. We spent a little time there and a lot of our friends caught up and had something to eat before pushing on again.

Michael Holland caught up with me and we walked together and discussed genealogy with one another. Michael is an associate professior at the University of Ireland. He knew all about finding your family roots. We talked a long time about it and we exchanged e-mail addresses so that I could get in touch with him if I had any questions. He was a really friendly guy. We walked all the way to Moratinos where he said that he was done for the day as he had been having really bad foot problems and was doing short days to give his feet a chance to heal.

I saw some “Hobbit” houses on a side trail in Moratinos so I went up and took some pictures before continuing on to Sahagun. I pretty much hiked with Hawk and Christine for a while until we got to a small park marking the halfway point to Santiago. After the park I took off again to get to the hostel so that I could get in and cleanup to sight see a little.

I met up with Hawk and Christine that evening and we were off to get something to eat. Don and Sally came by the restaurant also to have dinner and we invited them to join us. Again the food just keeps getting better. One thing to remember when hiking the Camino: there are places to eat about every few hours and if you're not careful, you'll gain weight rather than lose it like a normal backpacking trip. Today was a really easy day even though there were bigger miles.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but it starts to get light around 6 a.m. in the morning and it's now 10 p.m. and the sun is just going down. If you were able, you could hike 15-16 hours. Tomorrow is predicted to be another beautiful day so we'll see where we end up. So until then ... Buen Camino.

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