Sahagun to El Burgos Ranero - 17.7 km

May 26
Lat: 42.422778 Lon: -5.218333

I was up at 6 a.m., down for a quick cup of coffee and toast, and then out the door. We stayed at the Hostel Alfonso VI and it was really nice and clean. The price was good and they had WiFi. I figured that I'd go about 17 or 18 km today as the day was going to be long and flat walking through the wheat fields on a path near the highway.

I hadn't walked more than 2 km when I came up on a young couple hiking along at a nice pace. It turned out that it was Lauren and Colito from Atlanta. I had met them briefly a few days back in a restaurant. We walked together all morning. She is a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, which is where I went to college. She has a dual major studying International Economics and Spanish. Her husband, Cladito, is Venezuelan and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. We had the best time walking and talking about trails and things around Atlanta. It made the uneventful trail pass by quickly and in no time we had made our miles for the day.

Once in El Burgo Ranero, we sat down and had coffee and everyone decided where to stay the night. I have a room in the Hostel El Peregrino and they are staying across the street at the albergue. Around 6 p.m., I met with Cladito and Lauren for a while to talk and then Hawk and Christine came down so we went to dinner. The meal tonight had one of the best salads yet. It not only a lot of greens but they added pineapple and peaches. I'm loving the food!

I've been trying every day to learn several new words in Spanish and speak as much Spanish as possible. It helps me to learn and shows the locals some respect, not to mention in some instances it gives them a laugh. At any rate this will be one of my fondest memories of this hike.

Well tomorrow’s another day along the Camino so as always... Buen Camino!

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