Mansilla de Las Mullas to Leon - 19.6 km

May 28
Lat: 42.601389 Lon: -5.576667

I got out and on the trail by 7:30 a.m. this morning... total Mileage walked so far 480.6 km! I had planned on walking with Don and Sally, but something happened and we didn't meet up together so I just walked all the way to Leon by myself. It was a perfect day to walk although this was not the most exciting place to walk because the trail led along a busy highway and through a lot of business districts. It was pretty much watching your step and keeping an eye out for the next trail arrow showing the way. The trail seemed to fly by and in what seemed like no time I was in Leon.

Leon is a beautiful city. I heard someone calling my name and when I looked around it was the Spanish couple that I hiked with yesterday. We went up to a cafe across from the Cathedral and drank coffee and ate cookies with dark chocolate on top. After about an hour we said our good byes and they pushed on to their Hosteles, and I went to mine.

While the hike and views weren't that impressive, the city is absolutely incredible. I'm taking tomorrow off so that I can explore everything and I can practice my Spanish some more. I finally found my Hosteles; it's very nice and clean. It has WiFi as well. Hawk and Christine came in around 3 p.m. and got settled in and we went to dinner around 7 p.m. Again the meals just keeping getting better the farther west we go!

They decided that they would take tomorrow off and rest as well as tour the city. I'm kind of glad as this gives me a chance to see everything here. There's plenty of time to get to the end.

Will write again; from Leon along the Camino... Buen Camino!

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