Hospital de Orbigo - Zero Day (0 km)

June 1
Lat: 42.463333 Lon: -5.884167

I slept in again this morning until 7 a.m. and then got up to leave for a few hours so they could clean the bedrooms and I could come back again. I asked the man in charge where to put my pack for safe-keeping and he put it in a closet and told me it would be fine. I left and went to the nearby restaurant and met up with Jamie to have breakfast. After breakfast we walked around town to look at all the venders that were set up for the festival.

About 10:30 a.m. we both came back to the albergue to wait for them to open and give us our new bunk assignments. But when we got in, I went to the closet to get my pack only to find it gone! The man was also gone. I asked the lady there where my pack was in Spanish and all she could tell me was that it wasn’t in in the closet. I told her that the man had put it there and she said “No!” It took me about 15 minutes to communicate with her until I was told that it was sitting outside. Finally with pack in hand I could get my bunk and get ready for the festivities of the day.

Today’s weather was beautiful blue skies and warm enough to sit outside in a short sleeve shirt...finally! At 7:00 it was 57 degrees and by 5 p.m. it was 64 degrees. The narrow streets were full of folks going both ways along with people on stilts, jesters, belly dancers and a variety of other Medieval knights and people dressed in costume of the period. There were musical groups playing lutes, drums, and even a bagpipe. It's been a lively day and there is more tonight and even tomorrow including a joust. I'll miss a lot of tomorrow as I'm heading out of town around noon to get in 18 km so I can stay on schedule.

A bunch of us met at 6:30 p.m. for dinner and afterward I planned to walk around the town before going to bed. I just love these small towns… there is so much to do. However, it was starting to get late after dinner, so at 8:45 p.m. I headed back do the albergue to start getting packed for an early start and a good night’s sleep.

More to follow... Buen Camino!

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