Alto do Poio to Triacastela - 12.5 km

June 9
Lat: 42.755278 Lon: -7.2425

I got up at 6 a.m. and was packed to go. I had a cup of cafe con leche and then walked out into the dense fog. It was so thick that you could hear a car coming up the road, but it was difficult to see them. In fact, you couldn't see 15 feet into the parking lot of the Hostelles and it wasn't much better at 7:30 when I hit the trail. It pretty much stayed that way all day.

The trail was wide and hard to miss. I planned on walking to the next town of Fonfria and getting something to eat but they didn't have anything I wanted so hot tea had to do. I pushed on for 7.0 km to Villoval where I came to a great Albergue with a restaurant. This is where I stopped and got hot tea and a tortilla. They had a TV turned on and "Back to the Future" Part 2 was on (in Spanish of course), but I watched the whole movie. It was great to relax and besides, it was drizzling rain and the trail was muddy. I was only doing a short day today anyway, so why not? After the movie ended, I paid up and walked the last 3.4 km to town and found the Casa David Pr. Hostelles. I got checked in and then cleaned up, waiting for the weather to break. Hawk and Christine came into town, but they stayed across the road in another “hostelles.” The drizzles came to a stop so I went out and walked around the town to see what was here and to get an ice cream. At least it was a warmer day… it made it to the upper 60s. Around 6:20 tonight, I met up with Hawk and Chris and we had dinner together.

Today has been a great day for walking. I love walking in the rain and fog. It gives you time to just put your head down and think about things. The distances just seem to click off and before long you've made lots of miles/kilometers. Tomorrow, I will have breakfast here at 7 a.m. and head up the trail for a longer day. From what I've seen on the weather, it's supposed to be pretty… we'll see. Until then I'll say, Buen Camino!

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