Negreira to A Picota - 2.9 km off trail + 30.9 km

June 19
Lat: 42.938056 Lon: -8.992222

I got up at 6 a.m. this morning and started getting packed and ready to hit the trail. I went down at 7 a.m. to get coffee and a cinnamon roll. When I finished, it was time to head out but it was already raining so I put on rain gear. As it turned out I only wore it for about 45 minutes and it had to come off. It was that way all day, the rain gear went on and the rain gear came off.

After about two hours I caught up with Sandra from Canada and we walked together for a good part of the day. We stopped at one of the only bar/cafes along the way and I got a Bocadillo with cheese. It wasn't long afterward that we separated and I sped up since I was going to the Casa Jurjo Hotel, which is 2.9 off trail. (I was told that I could call the hotel and that they would come and pick me up).

It started to rain again and I finally found the road to turn onto. I thought that I'd find a bar or something and they could call for me, but there was nothing there except farms and pastures. I came up the road, passed by a house, when a German Shepard came out and acted like it was going to eat me. Thankfully there was a tall fence so all he could do was bark and growl. A little lady came out but couldn't get the dog to stop. I asked her if she would call the hotel and she came to me with her cell phone and started handing it to me. I asked if she would call and she said “no,” that I needed to call. I did and it dropped out. At that point, I decided to just walk the 2.9 km and be done with it. It took me about 30 minutes to get to the next town and find the hotel.

About 30 minutes later Hawk and Christine came In. They had called about 7 km before in the previous town and the man went and got them. We all got cleaned up and later went to dinner. This is a very nice place, but the WiFi is weak. Tomorrow the man is going to take me back to the trail so I won't have to walk and then I'll be on my way to the fishing village of Cee, the town before Finisterre. Until then...Buen Camino!

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