Cee to Finisterre - 12.9 km

June 21
Lat: 42.908056 Lon: -9.263056

I got up at 7:00 this morning as I didn't plan to leave early because I only had 12.9 km to go and a lot of it was going to be on the coast and even beach walking. I waited for breakfast at 8 a.m. I finally took off at 8:30 a.m. and started walking the coast out of town. I got about 2 km out of town when I realized that I still had my room key so I had to go back. I finally got underway after a wonderful stay in Cee (the "C" is pronounced like a "Th").

When you leave Cee you will leave the coast and go over a nice little rise, which they call a mountain, and drop back down to the coast again. After about an hour I got to the town of Estorde and saw a cute little restaurant on the beach. By this time all the overcast clouds had blown away and it was blue skies and the temperatures were warming up, so I stopped and had some tea and cookies (which they bring with the tea). They are very generous people. You always get something extra with everything you order. I spent about 45 minutes there and then walked on.

About 30 minutes later, I came to where the trail walks the beach down by the water. I walked next to the breaking waves of the Atlantic Ocean and picked up sea shells. There were so many beautiful shells of which none are broken like the ones on our beaches, that I had to stop picking them up. About 30 minutes later I left the beach and started walking the Main Street down to the Hostel Mariquito. The rooms in all these hostels have always been very clean and neat, but mostly plain and simple. This doesn't bother me because I just want a good night’s sleep.

I spent a long time just walking around the town and out to the docks where the fishing boats come in. I enjoy wandering through the little shops even if I'm not buying anything. I'm still trying to engage the locals in some sort of conversation just so I can practice the little Spanish that I've managed to learn while here. The real challenge will be in a week when I get home to continue to learn and then find someone to practice with.

I also went to the Albergue with my Sellos book and got my certificate for completing the Camino de Finisterre. It's a very pretty certificate and has more color to it than the one that I got in Santiago. Later that evening I found a nice pizza parlor, which was a real change from the foods that I'd been eating, and I had a pepperoni pizza and a beer. After dinner I walked back out to the docks and looked at the fishing boats which had all come in by that time.

When I got back to my room and looked out the window where I saw that a full moon had come up. It made me wish that I had hiked up to the light house at the "end of the earth" as they call it.(This is where the trail can go no further West). I am planning on going up in the morning and throwing my Mt. Whitney rock into the sea.

Now it's time to watch a little Spanish TV and see how much I can understand. (I guess when I get home I can still watch Spanish TV.) Well, the adventure is almost over. Today was day 50 and my total mileage walked is 883.5 km. I've only got two more hiking days left and that's to Muxia, which is only 28.5 km, but I'm stretching that into two days. Then I'll catch the bus.

So for now, I'm still a "Peregrino" on the Camino so as always I bid you...Buen Camino!

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