Muxia to Santiago (via bus)

June 25
Lat: 42.8825 Lon: -8.545

I got up at 5:45 a.m., was packed by 6 a.m., and headed out for the bus stop to wait on the 6:45 bus to Santiago. The one thing that I've learned while being in Spain is that all the public transportation is ALWAYS on time. If it’s scheduled for 6:45, it's pulling away from the bus stop by 6:46.

It was about a two-hour ride back to Santiago, traveling back across the land that I had spent so much time walking. I got back to the bus station in Santiago about 8:45 a.m. and had a 15-minute walk back to the San Martin Pinario, where I was staying. I couldn't check in however until noon so they locked up my gear so I didn't have to carry it around for several hours. Hawk talked to the people at the Tourist Office and found out where the train station was in town and we walked about 20 minutes there and got our tickets for tomorrow to Madrid.

One very important note to remember: if you are age 60 or older you can get a senior discount card. This card will cost you 5 euro but will give you a 40 percent discount on your train tickets. A first-class train ticket from Santiago to Madrid is 74 euro, but with my discount that same ticket was only 44 euro. They have two classes: first and second. The difference between first and second class is the seating arrangement. You get a lot more room and fewer people in the first-class car. Also on the train that I took, at the beginning of my hike, going from Madrid to Pampalona, I even got a meal including a small bottle of wine. When you go to the train station ask for a discount card.

I took the rest of the day off and toured around Santiago for the last time. It was a wonderful day.

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