Day 05 - Zubiri to Pamplona

Date: May 9, 2015

Location: From: Zubiri To: Pamplona

Mileage: 20.9 Km

Weather: Beautiful with blue skies

Temperature: 80s F°

Lodging: Hotel Eslava

GPS Location: ’42.818228” N and ’ -1.649928” W

Highlights: Views along the way and all the festivals in Pamplona

Summary of the Day:

John and I got up at 6:00 a.m. after a good nights sleep and a great meal the night before. We had been hearing of HOT weather to be coming for the next few days so we thought it would be better to leave as early as possible to beat some of the heat. Had a quick breakfast at the pension and was off by 6:30. It was a wonderful morning and the path was already filled with a lot of like-minded people. It was a good trail and the climbs were minimal at the start.

After a couple of hours we came to the village of Zurian and stopped in for a café con leche and orange juice. It wasn’t long after, the trail started to climb as it neared the main highway. It went through a tunnel under the highway and continued to climb toward Pamplona. Finally we arrived on the outskirts of the city and walked through a park toward the gate to the city.

Pamplona is such an impressive city. The old and the modern blend so well. We arrived about 12:30 p.m. and got checked into the hotel, which was the same one that I stayed in before starting the trail. By this time the temperature had risen into the 80s. It was such a relief to stop for the day. We took on a little sightseeing tour of the city and as the day went on the crowds grew. I guess being a Saturday everyone came to town to enjoy the beautiful day and party with their friends.

As the afternoon passed our thoughts turned to eating dinner. In Spain hardly anyone eats before 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. so about 7:00 we headed to a restaurant that the hotel recommended, but by now not only could you not get in the restaurant, you couldn’t get down the street to the restaurant. After a couple attempts to get to the restaurant we turned and pushed our way back toward the hotel. It was going to be a lost cause to try to get anything, but then we saw a La Tienda and it wasn’t too crowded. It was a welcome sight, as they had just what we needed, a bottle of water, a baguette and a pasta, lettuce and chicken salad, all for 4€. We had a winner. We went back to the room, ate and re- packed for another early departure.

This has been another fine day on the Camino. Again good weather, good trail, and great companionship. These are things that make hiking a joy. Will continue tomorrow, so until then…Buen Camino!

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