Day 07 - Puente la Reina to Estella

Date: May 11, 2015

Location: From: Puente la Renia To: Estella

Mileage: 21.9 Km

Weather: Blue skies and very hot

Temperature: 80s° F

Lodging and Cost: Hostel El Volante 45€/Double 

GPS Location: ’42.663266” N and ’ -2.031972” W

Highlights: First sightings of the grape orchards and the grain fields, also saw a few olives trees along the way.

Summary of the Day:

Today wasn’t much of an exciting day as it was pretty hot from the start. John and I got up and were out by 6:40 this morning because it was calling for a beast of a hot day. The first thing that didn’t go well was that we had to walk about 5 Km to find a bar and get a cup of coffee, and then when we got there with a crowd of about 25, we found out that the shop was only selling bread and bottled water and juice so we pushed on for about another hour until we got to Lorca where there were several places. The café con leche was great and I got fresh squeezed orange juice.

After about 45 minutes we pushed on toward Estella. Along the way I saw the first of many to come, new grape vines in the fields as well as the grains that are already up about 12 to 15 inches. I can tell that summer is here. Besides the oppressive heat, the flowers are blooming everywhere and the bugs and the bees are flying from flower to flower.

Today we had no reservations for tonight and with the crowds coming close behind us there was a concern that we might not have a place to stay. When we got into Estella we saw the information office. The woman in there was very helpful in showing us a list of all the albergues, pensiones, and hoteles. We discussed which one we thought that we would like and then asked her to call for us. The one we chose only had 4 rooms left so we told her to reserve it for us. It took us about fifteen minutes to get here and when we were checking in the lady told us that from the time we called until we got here she was full.

After checking in, I told John that we need to book right away for the next two days and he agreed. I talked with the lady here and she was telling me that it is going to get worse on finding something if we don’t continue to reserve. Even though we are booked for two days, tomorrow when we get to the next place I’m going to book another day and keep at least two days out.

After we settled in and had cleaned up, we got our clothes washed for 6€. We took off for the restaurants and got a beer and a sandwich. We came into town at noon, and have pretty much stayed inside the entire afternoon. I’m hoping that tomorrow is a little better and not as hot as today. We will probably leave even earlier tomorrow morning to get ahead of the heat. I will let you know how tomorrow goes. As always… Buen Camino.

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