Day 46 - Rubiaes to Tui, Spain

Date: June 19, 2015

Location: From: Rubiaes  To: Tui, Spain

Mileage: 20.6 km 

Weather: Beautiful blue skies without a cloud in the sky but extremely hot. There is an extreme weather alert out and calling for the possibility of a disruption in power. I have been told not to turn the lights on in my room until later tonight.

Temperature: 76° F at 5:30 a.m. and in the upper 80s° to mid 90s° F by 1:00 p.m.

Lodging and Cost: Pension Cabalo Furado - 30 €

GPS Location: ’42.046468” N and ’ -8.644549” W

Highlights: Walking while it was cooler this morning! Going through the Castle in Valenca, Portugal, which is the last city in Portugal. Getting back to Spain where I can use and practice my Spanish.

Summary of the Day: 

I got up at 4:45 a.m and was packed and gone by 5:15. It was still pretty cool outside but by 6:00 a.m. I was completely wet from head to toe and I was going downhill and walking in the shade. The humidity was way up there so I knew that I made the right decision to leave early even though I wasn't doing a big mileage day, but just under 21 km. I would rather get to Tui early and sit in a cool place and wait to get into my room than to walk in that heat and full sun. I was moving really well this morning and my feet didn't hurt a bit and the pack was siting perfectly. It seemed like the km just rolled along.

I was the only person on the trail for a long time. As a matter of fact the first people that I saw were the Germans that I met about three days ago near Estabulo de Valinhas just after I left the Pension at the wine vineyard. They were sitting on the terrace at an albergue having a cup of café con leche and something to eat.

I had already passed three different Bar/café’s but they were all closed because it was too early, but when I saw this one and they waved and said come on in I knew I was going to sit down for a while. It was a nice place and the woman fixed everything and brought it to the table. When I asked how much it was, all she said was that it was for donation only. By now I know the prices of things and that is the value that I attach to donation sales. A little while later the fellow from Hungary came out of the Albergue and said that he had stayed there over night and that it was a really nice place. It was clean and neat. After about thirty minutes everyone was packed and gone.

The walk from there all the way to Valenca was pretty much down hill with no real views. I went through little suburbs of Valenca but nothing really to speak of except for churches and chapels. When I got to the central part of the city it went into the business district and from there the Way marks started to become a little scarce and I had to continuously look for them. The trail took us up to what they called the "park," but it was actually a castle. It was the castle that used to guard their border from Spain, but now it is open and a major tourist and shopping district. The trail led right down what I thought was a regular retail textile district. They sold sheets, towels, and blankets, and anything else that was sewn. There were all kinds of tourist type items. I love going through those areas and I like looking in the stores. The trail zig zagged around inside the castle for a good thirty minutes or more before going through a Tunnel and out to the street and down to the river. There was a big steel bridge with a cat walk that you had to walk across to get to Spain. The catwalk really scared me but the fellow from Hungary came along and offered to help me. He walked in front of me so I ccould concentrate on his feet and finally I made it across and then he and I walked all the way to the Cathedral and then we had to part company as he was going on and I was going to try to get a room in the Pension as I wasn't able to make a reservation last night.

I went to the Tourist office and asked for directions to the pension and it turns out that it was around the corner but in the same building. I walked into the pension at 10:15 and asked if he had a single room and he told me that he had only one left and that he had just filled his las double about 5 minutes earlier. I was really lucky. I was in the central city and directly next to the cathedral. After I got cleaned up and settled in I went and took the tour. I had a great afternoon relaxing. A little later the three ladies from Sweden came into to town and I saw them so we had a drink and talked about their hike today. Their feet and legs were burned up. Mostly a really bad rash. It really looked like bed bug bites but I didn’t tell them though. After their drink I told them how to get to the grocery store and I went looking for a place to eat dinner. It turned out that we were eating at the same restaurant. After dinner I came back to my room to get things packed to leave in the morning so I can be gone by 5:20 again. 

Even though I have a short day I want to finish as early as possible. I have a room reserved so I'm set. My room tonight is over the restaurant and they are still going full blast with dishes and talking. The owner of the Pension said that the restaurant closes at 10 so hopefully it will and I can be asleep by 10:30. Time will tell.

Another good day in Portugal/Spain and I can't complain. Will see what tomorrow holds so as always…Buen Camino.

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