Day 47 - Tui, Spain to Porrino Centro

Date: June 20, 2015

Location: From: Tui, Spain  To: Porrino Centro

Mileage: 16.6 Km

Weather: Again beautiful blue skies without a cloud, but still under an extreme heat warning. It was already hot at 5:30 a.m.

Temperature: 75° F at 5:30 a.m. and over 90° F at 2:00 p.m.

Lodging and Cost: Hotel Azulejo - 26 €

GPS Location: ’42.164795” N and ’ -8.620796” W

Highlights: Finding my way out of town this morning when all the way marks disappeared and streets went in all different directions.

Summary of the Day: 

Well I got up at 5:00 this morning after hardly sleeping at all last night. It seems that in Spain they celebrate “Mid-Summer's Night,”  a celebration of the Summer equinox and when they celebrate, they celebrate. It started with dinner in the restaurant below my Pension room and it continued until 5:00 this morning and not just in the restaurant, but throughout the city. There was music of every type playing loudly and fireworks going off. I could hear people down below dancing and singing. I remember two years ago when they celebrated the Saints, all the Saints, they did the same thing, but to celebrate the Summer, come on! I got no sleep so I just started walking at 5:20 a.m. It was fine in Portugal to start at that time because the clocks were set back one hour and it would be light enough to see in about 30 minutes, but I forgot about the time change here in Spain and that I had to move the clock ahead an hour. This makes it and hour and a half until it gets light enough to see without a headlamp. Well today gave new meaning to getting lost. I wandered down I think just about every street on the way out of Tui. The problem is that these towns will mark it real well coming into their town, because they want you to get in (It's an economic thing) and then they don't worry about you getting out. I can't say for sure that's the reason for not marking it well out of town or not, but I do know that they just seem to run short of yellow paint for the “Arrows” showing the way. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times I'd buy them a few gallons of paint if they would just paint the arrows. At any rate I finally found my way and headed on to Porrino Centro.

I was really happy that I decided to make today a short one. I knew that I'd finish up about 10:00 and could rest all day. I did accidentally take the alternate route and ended up going through the industrial park on the road which was no fun and as the guide book called it a “Soulless Slog.” They were right.  It was also about 1.5 km more. The other route wasn't marked very well and it was hard to see. The only up side to this route was that it passed a number of bar/cafes so I could stop and get something to eat and drink. I didn't see the first hiker this morning and not very many all day as my room balcony looks right down on the path as it passes by. I did get here around 10:00 and was happy about that because I wanted to take the day off and also take a nap, but that wasn't going to happen, because I was informed that my room wasn't ready and it would be just a little while, which I expected, but not over two hours. Well they told me that I could sit in a nice little sitting room or I could leave my gear and go walk a round town if I wanted, but I didn't. I sat in the sitting room and after a couple of hours they woke me up to tell me that my room was ready. I guess it all worked out okay.

After I got in my room and cleaned up I decided to go and get breakfast, so I went to this little restaurant. Now something else that I had forgotten was that I am in Spain, but in the Providence of Galicia, which is a whole new type of Spanish. I told the man that I wanted breakfast (quisiera desayuno, por favor, dos huevos y bacon e café con leche), well the man looked at me like I had two heads. I explained it to him and finally he got it. It turns out that in Galicia eggs are "ovo" and coffee with cream is "café con leite." I never did find out what they call bacon. I find it hard to believe they don't understand just plain ole Spanish or if he just being difficult with me. Who knows? I got my bacon and eggs and a really good cup of coffee though. 

After that little fiasco I came back to my room to rest a while before going out for a late lunch or an early dinner. Who knows how that will go. Well I just got back from my dinner and it went pretty well. I found a place to eat dinner, which by the way there aren't too many in this town, and it was a menu of the day for 7€. I got a large pork chop with a nice mixed salad and the obligortory French fries, but they were good and a big bottle of water and ice cream for desert. I ran into another lone Peregrino in town so we went to eat together and then we sat and talked for a while. She is staying at the Albergue here in town. She is thinking about doing a 21 Km tomorrow and ending up at the same town that I'm going. After dinner we headed back to our own places to get ready for tomorrow.

This wasn't a bad day except for the heat. It's now 10:00 p.m. and it's still 86° F and there is no air conditioning in the room and no breeze coming in the balcony door, so I'll just have to see how the night fairs. I hope to get a good sleep and plenty of rest. With that I will bid you a… Buen Camino.

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