Day 48 - Porrino Centro to Arcade

Date: June 21, 2015

Location: From: Porrino Centro  To: Arcade

Mileage: 21.8 Km

Weather: Beautiful blue skies again with a nice breeze from the ocean. 

Temperature: 70° F at 6:00 a.m. and 90° F 12:00 p.m.

Lodging and Cost: Hotel Duarte - 20 €

GPS Location: ’42.336637” N and ’ -8.60611” W

Highlights: Nice trail and first sighting of the Atlantic Ocean again

Summary of the Day: 

I got up at 5:30 this morning, planning on leaving at 6:00 so there would be some light of day starting, but noticed that the sky was already starting to show signs that day was going to break. I'm still glad that I slept until 5:30 because the room had no air conditioning, but that wasn't unusual for here. Also the celebrations picked back up in this town just like back in Tui, but they ended somewhere around 2:00 a.m. So I had to shut my only ventilation, the door to the balcony, so my room was a major sweat box. I wasn't as tired this morning as yesterday and that's a good thing as I had a longer mileage day today. I looked out and saw a number of people (that number was 6) going up the trail and that is just about the largest group that I seen since I have been on the Portuguese Way so I figured that I better get a move on and hit the trail.

It did seem cool this morning even though the temperature still showed that it was high. It was mostly all road walking but at least they were small roads and very little traffic to deal with. I was making really good time; I guess it was the café con leche calling me. I couldn't find anything open until I got to Redondela. I guess being a Sunday nobody was opening up early. When I got to to the large city of Redondela, population 29,000, there were several places open, and I could get café con leche, but none of them were cooking. I was walking up to the little bar and I looked inside and there sat none other than the three Ladies from Sweden drinking hot chocolate and hot tea. I just stood in the front window and stared until they saw me, then I went in and took the fourth seat at their table. We spent about 30 minutes there and then they packed up and left. I wasn't too far behind them.

It was around 9:00 a.m. and I realized that I had been hiking for four hours and had already walked 15 miles and only had about 6 miles to go. I was going to miss the major heat of the day. That made me very happy. I hurried and got my pack on to finish up for the day. It wasn’t long until I was making a good climb up to the top of a hill and I looked over to my left and I could see the Atlantic Ocean. It was so pretty. I love looking out at the sea. I knew then that I was finishing up for the day, and then I missed a turn in the trail and was walking down the major highway to the town which was longer. I had to turn around and go back up. These things happen to everybody because you lose concentration and miss a turn. It took me about 30 minutes longer to get to the hotel.

Today my room was ready and I got right in. I find a private room is the way to go, because you can spread out and not lose your gear. You also get to leave as early as you want in the morning and not disturb anyone. After I got  cleaned up I went down to the bar/café and got something cold to drink and just relaxed. About an hour later I saw Vicky, the woman from California come walking in. She is the woman that I had dinner with the night before and she told me that she wasn't coming this far today. Well I guess that changed because here she is. She told me that she was feeling good and it was just too early to stop and she wanted to get a few extra km in today. We agreed that we’d meet at seven and have dinner again.

For me the rest of the day was just laying around resting and talking to some people that I had met on the trail earlier. It was a lazy day because this is another one of those trails that just doesn't have anything to do. There are no shops for shopping or anything. It is perfect for just doing nothing but resting. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for getting back on some sort of a schedule for getting to Santiago by Wednesday. The heat just keeps getting hotter today. It's now 10:00 p.m. And it's still 80° F, but tomorrow is going to start going down again.

I went to dinner and met Vickie at the restaurant. I found out that they only have a Pilgrim’s Menu Monday thru Friday, but on the weekend they have a single plate meal for 6.50 €, but I wanted two plates: plate number # 1 salad, and plate # 2 a main dish. Well I had two plates and paid 12€ for it, but I didn't care I was hungry. I got my salad and I ordered the grilled chicken and of course French fries. I couldn't believe the size of both dishes. It was a very large salad and the grilled chicken had a gigantic amount of food. I ate everything except all the fries, and when I finished the waitress asked if I wanted desert, which was included so I ordered it as well. You can never eat too much when you're hiking. The desert was like a pineapple flan and it was really good. I ate all of it as well.

After dinner I sat and talked to the Portuguese couple for a little while before going up and going to bed as I was tired and and had a big day tomorrow and I needed to sleep, but the room is still hot and the Western setting sun is still shinning right in so it may be a little while before I can actually go to sleep, but tonight is actually going to be better sleep.

Today was a great hiking day and I made really good time, and I beat the heat. The trail was really laid out well and no cobble stones that bruise the feet. I just hope that this heat wave does break soon. I want to have a nice walk into Santiago again. That's about all from here so for now I will say… Buen Camino.

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