Day 54 - Negreira to Olveiroa

Date: June 27, 2015

Location: From: Negreira  To: Olveiroa

Mileage: 33.1 Km

Weather: Overcast and fog early turning to mist later in the morning and then blue skies by mid day. No Rain.

Temperature: 66° F at 6:00 a.m. and later in the day at 4:00 it was 82° F

Lodging and Cost: Casa Rural-As Pias - 35€

GPS Location: ’42.963342” N and ’ -9.040329” W

Highlights: Today was one of those days that really had nothing exactly spectacular other than the fact that you're out there and that is spectacular enough. It was a lot of road walking which is a way of getting where you need or want to go. The views of the windmills on distance mountains.

Summary of the Day: 

I got up at 5:15 a.m. this morning and packed up but had no intentions of leaving until 6:00 because I wanted to see some sign of daylight this time. I walked out the door at five minutes to six and it was still pretty dark but light  enough to see without a headlamp so I went on. You leave this town by walking to the bottom of the hill and exiting through the archway through the wall of the city and then you start walking up the road and I do mean up! There were two major "ups" today that had to be summited and crossed, and one was 100 percent on the road and it was a little later in the morning when it was warmer, and the other was a combination of road and path. The path trails that go up I don't mind so much because they are at least enjoyable and there are things to look at and see, but the road walks are just pounding the asphalt and in the hot sun.

There were a lot of people on the trail today, both very early and later, and of course none spoke English. After about three hours I came to a Bar/Café and decided to have breakfast. Ever since I was hiking on the the Camino Frances with Ross and Athenia and we would stop for breakfast and they would get eggs and bacon with bread I have craved that when I stop to get something in the mornings. They have ruined me on café con leche and just a roll. I do have to admit that it really carries me until midday and I don't get hungry and have plenty of energy. Anyway, when I went in the bar, there were nothing but French folks and everybody that came in was French. If I hadn't known better I would have thought that I was in France. I haven't seen anybody from America since I was down on the Camino Portugue, and even now very few that speak English. We all ate and packed out.

I think the reason that everybody is starting early and making the dash to the coast is that they are also a little eager to get finished. Most of them have been on the trail for at least 30 day plus. I myself have been walking, as of today 54 days and only 4 of them have been zero days with no forward movement. This trail, while it isn't like a lot of the trails that I've hiked in the past, does start to take a toll on your body and mind. I like long distance hiking, but I am starting to look forward to going home. It's just getting to be that time.

I now only have three more days of walking and I will be at the coast, or as it is known as “The End of the World.” It is called that because that is as farthest West that you can go without going into the ocean. When you get to the cliff above the Atlantic there is a cross there and you're supposed to have brought a stone with you from home and place it at the cross. The stone represents all your problems and you're leaving them at the cross for Christ to take care of. They also say that you're supposed to burn your clothes as a symbol of shedding your old life and starting a new. I'll go with the stone, but my clothes and shedding my old life, well I like my life. It has been full and rich and I have been blessed beyond anything I can imagine. (Even though I complain... a lot…probably too much). All in all I do look forward to getting there and then going home. Even though my walk will be over I'll still be in Spain for a few days after. I'm going to Madrid for three days and checking out the sites and museums and galleries there while waiting on my flight.

With this it's time to get some sleep as the walk isn't over yet, I have another big day tomorrow for my first glance of the sea. It's in a little village called Cee, and I plan on walking the beach into the town. It is a great little town. So at this time look for further reports from the Camino and I will say… Buen Camino!

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