Day 56 - Cee to Finisterre

Date: June 29, 2015

Location: From: Cee to Finisterre, final day and at the "end of the world"

Mileage: 16.4 km

GPS Location: 42.908144 N and -9.263069 W

Lodging and Cost: Hotel Mariquito - 25 €

Weather: A little foggy early but cleared off for beautiful blue skies and warm day with a light breeze.

Temperature: mid 60s° F at 6:30 a.m. and warmed to mid 70s° F later in the day

Highlights: Walking around the beach to get out of town then climbing up to the summit of hill out of town to have a full view of the ocean and the coast. I had this off and on the entire morning.

Summary of day:

I slept in until 6:30 this morning because I only had a 16 Km day and I remembered how beautiful this last day was from two years ago so I wanted to be able to see everything. I left the hotel at 7:00 a.m. and walked back down to the beach to pick up the trail. I was able to follow the beach for about 2 km before it turned and started to climb up a side street through the outskirts of Cee. At one point I reached a high point where I could look back and see the entire town of Cee as well as the beach, coast line and out to sea. It was one of the most beautiful sights of my entire trip.

For a long time this morning I was on a trail in the woods until I dropped back down to the road and the little town of Estorde, where I stopped and had a cup of cafe con leche on the terrace of a little Pension/restaurant right on the beach. It was a really nice break. I knew that I was getting closer to the end and I wanted to savor this last day. I took my time but finally had to move on. I walked up the road for about ten minutes before the trail turned back into the woods and started to climb again to go over the last big hill before dropping back down to the outskirts of Finisterre. When I reached the very top of the hill it leveled off and I walked through a really wooded section just before it opened up completely where you could see not only the ocean to the horizon, but all the coasts leading around to Finisterre. I could even see the lighthouse at the "End of the World." I stopped and took my pack off, took pictures and even ate an orange while just looking out at the views below. I was thinking that this could be and probably would be the last time that I see this and I wanted to take it all in one last time. Finally after about 45 minutes I packed up and headed on down to the road below leading into Finisterre.

After I got to the road, the trail crossed it. At that point you had a choice of which path to take, the road into town or the beach. Last time was the beach and so it was the beach again. I remembered picking up some shells along the way but didn't have anything to put them in so I was limited in how many I could get. Well this time I brought a gallon zip lock bag so I could get as many as I wanted. I slowly walked the beach picking up some of the nicer shells. I finally got to the end of the beach walk and was at the town. I got back on the city street and walked into town to my hotel and checked in. After getting into my room, all I did was to drop my pack and grab my water bottle, walking sticks and my rock from the summit of Mt. Katahdin and headed back out and up to the light house to finish the walk and leave my stone there. It's funny we think that 3.5 km or 2 miles is a long way, but in no time I was at the top and standing at the 0.0 Km Mile Marker and the cross was just beyond and below the lighthouse. I made my way to the cross and placed my stone on top and then just went and sat down for a while as more and more people came up from below. I thought about my trip and that last time I was here I thought that I'll probably never be back, but yet here I am again. I was lucky to have made this trip the first time let alone blessed enough to do it again. It was truly an experience for me both times. Last time I was here I spoke no Spanish and picked up some along the way and it created a desire in me to learn Spanish and come back. Well I went home then and I did learn it and I did come back. My Spanish isn't perfect and I'm still far from fluent, but I was able to speak to people constantly everyday and function completely. It is so much better and it has made my desire even stronger to continue learning the language. I believe that God gives us many purposes in life and I think I have been given another purpose so that I can use what I learn to help others in some small way. I don't know what it is, but when the time comes it will be shown to me.

I sat up by the light house for about two hours just thinking about my walk for the past two months. I thought about all that I have seen and done and all the wonderful people that I have met, not to mention the new life long friends that I have made along the way. I also watched the people come up to celebrate their completion, and then it hit me, my walk was over and suddenly, I was ready to go home. I had finished what I had come here to do. I still have a few more days in Spain, so tomorrow I will catch the bus back to Santiago and stay there for a couple of days because my train doesn't leave for Madrid until Friday morning where I will spend the weekend there, before flying out on Tuesday morning for Atlanta. While I'm in Madrid I plan to visit some of the museums and art galleries and just sight see in general. It will be a fun weekend just playing the "accidental tourist" for a few days. I call it "accidental" because my hiking skills are better than my planning skills for number of days to be gone, so I figured about 7 days too many before returning. Though it will be fun to see more of Madrid, this is the part of any trip that is better shared with someone. I will take a lot of pictures and share them when I get home. I hope that everyone has enjoyed walking with me these past two months on the different Camino's and I thank you for sharing this experience with me. It has been a real pleasure for me to write this and to give you a day to day account of my walk. As I close out my blog I want to wish everyone, no matter what trail or path you take a...Buen Camino!

Just a few stats on my walk: I have walked 1,271 total forward kilometers I estimated that I walked at least 300 km in walking around the towns sight seeing, and walking to and from the restaurants to eat. All total that is 1,571 km from St Jean Pied de Port, France to the Atlantic Ocean across Spain, and up the length of Portugal from Porto back to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I walked for 56 days and took 6 days total off where I didn't walk a forward kilometer. That is averaging 25.42 per day forward walking kilometers. I had no days of rain and only one morning of a light mist which required my pack cover for an hour but no other rain gear.

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