Day 18 - Itero de la Vega to Villarmentero de Campos

Date:May 14, 2018

Location: From:Itero de la VegaTo:Villarmentero de Campos

Mileage:23.6 Km/14.75 Mi.

Weather:Cold, no wind, overcast an a little rain during the day

Temperature:Low 40’s in the morning and high 40’s with wind in the aftenoonF°C

Lodging and Cost:AlbergueAmanecer 12.5

GPS Location:42.°17.54” N and 4°29’ 58” W

Highlights:Another day with very little view different from yesterday. More Meseta and green fields the lodging at the AlbergueAmaneceror should I say at the hippy lodge.

Summary of the Day: 

The day started out late. Noel and I were in the Albergue and there were only three other people there. It was nice that it wasn’t a full house and it seemed like we had finally pulled away from the main pack of peregrines, as some took a day off in Burgos which would give us a day breather and then others only had a couple of weeks to walk and they went home, at any rate this was good for us and we didn’t have the pressure to find lodging. As it turned out the three others were bicycle people and they didn’t get up until after 7:00 this morning. This was ok because we needed the rest anyway and my stomach was still upset and I was dealing with it. We finally got out around 8:00 and headed towardVillarmentero Del Campos where we had discussed going to for the night. It was a pretty level walk along a path and the scenery was about the same as the past few days on theMesta. About all we saw was brown path and green fields. They were pretty but yet the same. We made it to the little village of Boadilla Del Camino and the first of several bars, so we decided to stop and take a break and have some coffee. After a nice stop we picked up and moved on. It wasn’t long before we came to the Canal de Castillo that runs up to Fromista and beyond, but we were only going to follow it to Fromista before it turned to the South. We continued fo follow it for about 5 Km to where the Locke’s were or had been before being removeover 100 years ago. We crossed the bridge and walked into Fromista and decided to have something to eat before proceeding on. Fromista is a nice little town. I stayed there in 2015 when I came through before. We spent about 45 minutes eating and talking to other Pilgrims there. We still hadn’t seen but a few others along the way and neither had the others. It was a little weird as before Burgos when the trail was covered up. We finally left Fromista with only 5.9 Km to go. It seemed like no time and we were in Villarmentero de Campos, but being there is still being nowhere because it isn’t even a wide spot in the road and only one Albergue. Frankly it looked like a “Hippy Commune”, but we went in. There were hammocks all over the yard and manikins (sp). There were even two donkeys walking around. They had 18 bunk for 8€ and 6 Hammacks for 3€, the big thing was a giant Indian Tipi , two little odd shape cabins that had two bunks in them, no heat, no electricity, but candles for light. It was 25€ for one. Noel and I looked at each other and we were all in for that. It was great. Iwas small enough that body heat heated up the place nicely, not to mention the two large blankets that were provided. The woman Hospialerawas a French woman that spoke French, and Spanish. She apologized for speaking broken English, and then I apologized for speaking broken Spanish. We got along fine. They had old Beatles music playing along with other rock from that time period. There were several folks playing guitars and there was a certain smell in the air.  I saw a lot of folks that I had met farther back down the way, and it was good to see them again. The woman said that she was going to serve dinner at 6:00and that it was a communal affair. One of the guysMatt, that had stayed a second night told me don’t miss the meal, that it was one of the best that he had had on the trail. Noel and I finished setting up for the night and came back before 6:00 for dinner and couldn’t believe the food that was being put out. I can say that it truly was one of the best meals that I have had on the trail.on the Appalachian Trail we have always talked about how news travels up and down the trail so fast that you run into people ahead of you that already know you or what you’ve talked to others about. Well that happens here too. About a weekly so  ago I was talking to a man also named Scott and he was asking if I had ever hiked the Appalachian Trail, and I told him that I had. We talked about it for a little while and that was it. Well now I’m days and miles up the trail and while having dinner with a group and introducing ourselves he hears me mention my name is Scott. He told me he met another Scott farther back down the trail, and he wanted to know if I was the same Scott that had hiked the AT? Well when I said yes then he opened the conversation about hiking the AT. It was truly a great meal before we all headed back to our beds, bunks or little cabins. This is a must stay play… everybody is friendly, the service is great and lastly it’s out in the open with great views all around you.

I can honestly say this has been a Buen Camino.

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